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Victor Meier


I am a drummer by heart. I started taking lessons in drums and percussion at age 10 and played in a couple of teenage coverbands - none of them noteworthy. Somehow I developed a fondness for rap and spend my highscool years - when not composing for the highschool musicals - writing and producing hip hop with 4 other guys in our homebuilt studio. Our group, Penta, released one CD (Tanker på Takter - which I will bring you the next time we meet) on our own label/wallet before I left them, due to the fact that film music and the way music can impose moods on the listener seemed way more interesting than rhymes, beats, and blunts.


In the keel wave of recording hip hop vocals at home, I got a job as an audio engineer and have freelanced at several different danish studios over the last 5 years doing primarily voice recordings with actors and singers - but a couple of instruments has found their way into the tracks as well.


I initiated studies for a bachelors degree in music theory at university of Copenhagen in 2009 with focus on music to picture. Then took a masters certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV at Berklee College of Music online from 2010-2012, which has delayed my studies at university of copenhagen significantly. I intend to complete the bachelor studies within 2015. And depending on how much work you guys can find I’m flirting with a masters degree in music management.


in 2013 I got into a high fantasy themed RPG-game project, back then called Ravenstorm Rift of Souls, which is still under development and has changed style and name a couple of times since. There is a demo scheduled for October 2015 and some of the cues you will get were originally written for that project. I love all things fantasy and really enjoyed writing for that.


Earlier this year I concluded the writing for a danish documentary called “D-dagen med danske øjne” which investigated the story of 800 danish seamen serving in the allied forces during WW2 - and especially concentrating on operation Overlord.

It is intended to be educational material for highschool kids and can there fore be found on youtube:


At the moment I am writing for a short film in the thriller genre, which I cant say much about as of yet, other than that the process has really honed my skills in the “creepy electo soundscape-” and “rough high intensity ear-rape-“ genres.


I have written music for a couple of commercials. Primarily for the danish digital bureau Signifly (example:  and are currently in the processes of writing for a google-commercial for them and producing the voice over.


I feel most at home doing orchestral works spiced up with electronic elements to get “that young sound” that apparently is my niche.


Music: Victor Meier

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